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I opened my own stained glass studio in 1983. I have designed and fabricated many stained glass windows for both public and private installations, including the restoration of many historically important windows.

Cousins Island Chapel, Yarmouth Maine.

    Set of three windows.

    Cousins Island Chapel

    Yarmouth, Maine.


Cralle Chapel, 

Cumberland College. 

Williamsburg, Kentucky.

10' high x 30' wide

What we Do

Stained Glass Windows


I will consult with you to design and create a stained glass window or lampshade to complement your architectural style or interior decor. 

The above window was created as a 25th Wedding Anniversary gift. The view was taken from a photograph of where the wedding ceremony took place on the bride's Grandmother's property.

Traditional Windows


The art of stained glass is often misunderstood as no more than the assembly of pieces of colored or clear glass. The act of "staining" or "painting" glass involves the use of a vitreous paint, stain or enamel which is painted onto the surface of the glass to create images, scenes or commemorative wording and to control or filter the amount of light through the glass. The painted glass is then fired in a kiln to permanently fuse the paint into the glass. 



There are many beautiful stained glass windows adorning our old buildings, churches, and homes. These windows, over decades of heating up in the summer and cooling down in the winter, begin to fail.  They may be bowing, the lead or glass may be cracked, and glass may be missing or broken. This is the time for you to restore your window  to its former glory.


 Replica of Louis Comfort Tiffany's  Wisteria lampshade


Dedication Plate 

Cousins Island Chapel

Yarmouth. Maine


Installation of restored window.

 Elm Street United Methodist Church, 

South Portland, Maine.




Bryony Brett Stained Glass

Portland, Maine.



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